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Happy Halloween

Yep, I carved that one myself. Shauna did one too.

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Where I Stand: County Offices

It took a lot of research to come up with some selections for our county offices. Many of these offices get overlooked for the more exciting and glamorous federal or state races. I believe, though, that these choices will have … Continue reading

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Track Your Representative

The fine folks at IPac linked to a service by the Washington Post that allows you to track the votes of each of your representatives in the US House and Senate. Even better, you can subscribe to an RSS feed … Continue reading

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Where I Stand: State and Federal Offices

I took the time to evaluate the candidates and I've made my decisions on all state and federal offices on my ballot. This includes US Senate, US House 2, State House 48, and State Senate 9.

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Kashi Rocks

I'm sitting here at my desk munching on a granola bar. This, however, is no ordinary granola bar. It's a honey almond flax bar by the fine folks at Kashi. I've gotten addicted to their 7-grain goodness. The granola bars? … Continue reading

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What's wrong in Eagle Mountain?

Something is amiss in Eagle Mountain. In the last 10 years, they've burned through eight mayors, none of them ever having served a full term. The latest one to be out of the office is now being criminally charged with … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 7: Yesterday's Browser… Today!

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 the other day. Since I'm required to use it for some of our programs at work, I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version. Needless to say, I'm totally unimpressed.

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Flatulent avocado pit?

Have you ever read through the nonsense that accompanies your spam messages? I find it highly entertaining. This one was a good one: Now and then, a briar patch goes deep sea fishing with a nation from a rattlesnake. Any … Continue reading

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Where I Stand: State and Salt Lake County Ballot Questions

This will be the first in a series of posts to tell you who or what I'm voting for and why. Today, I start with the ballot questions.

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Thanks for all the goodies, Google.

Okay, I'll admit it: I love the toys that Google puts out. I use GMail for all of my personal e-mail, I schedule appointments with Calendar, and I use a bunch of their plug-ins for Firefox to pimp it out. … Continue reading

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