Looks like there's egg on my face.

A big "whoops" from me. Sylvia Andersen's campaign manager contacted me to inform me that I sent an e-mail to the wrong address. It's syvliaandersen@comcast.net, not sylviaanderson@comcast.net. My bad.

Of course, this also underscores why I've said it's important to register your own domain. It avoids mix-ups like that and you can create a catch-all address to grab misspelled addresses. 

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3 Responses to Looks like there's egg on my face.

  1. bestsariah says:

    Awww…look how humble you are! I’d never admit I made a mistake. Ever.

  2. Fran Tully says:

    Dear Jesse,

    I withdrew my candidacy for Utah House District 48 by not filing my September 15th campaign report.


    Fran Tully

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