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Soccer Stadium Gets Bogged Down

Well, this is a really big surprise. Seems that Real Salt Lake can't come up with detailed financial projections in a timely fashion in order to get the county money flowing. Can this be any big surprise? Dave Checketts throws … Continue reading

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Ozzy, we hardly knew ye.

Sorry Ozzy, but you're not going to live with us anymore. It's bad enough that you don't seem to really want to keep Chloe company. We could even sort of look past the shredded magazines and occasional piddling on the … Continue reading

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Sen. Hatch Writes Technology-Friendly Bill?

In other news, Hell is reporting temperatures in the teens, cats and dogs are living together, and terrorists all gave up making bombs to dedicate themselves to giving friendship bracelets to Israelis. Seriously, this is surprising. The same man who … Continue reading

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The New Bond Movie Delivers

On Saturday, Shauna and I went with her parents to go see the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. Just to clarify, I've never been a Bond guy. I think I've seen clips from some of the Bond movies, and … Continue reading

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Gobble, gobble.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Let's remember what it's all about by reading Abraham Lincoln's original Thanksgiving Proclamation. I hope you'll find it as inspiring as I do.

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Government Must Get Back to Basics

The hallmark of a successful organization is focus. Focus drives an organization to not stray far from its original intent. Focus drives an organization to do what's best in the long term. Focus removes the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that … Continue reading

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Open it yourself, pup.

I've been on a home improvement kick again. Last night, I decided to get moving on some projects I'd been putting off for some time. Of course, I decide to start with the most time-consuming one first: installing a doggie … Continue reading

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Utah Papers, Get on the Technology Bus

I like getting frequent updates from my favorite websites, so I'm a big fan of RSS, the technology that allows you to see what's new on a website without necessarily visiting it. Used with an aggregator like Bloglines or Google … Continue reading

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I love trailer remakes.

This one is now one of my new favorites.

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Impact Fees Make Sense

Bluffdale recently approved assessing impact fees on new homes to defray the costs of building new schools. I'm glad that the city of Bluffdale isn't afraid to make people pay for the facilities when they cause a need for it, … Continue reading

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