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Puppy Update: Week 10

Annabelle has been doing much better after that round of antibiotics. She’s gone a few days with no peeing on the floor and actually goes outside on her own to go potty on the grass like she’s supposed to. I’m … Continue reading

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Tribune Blog Lowers the Level of Public Discourse

The Salt Lake Tribune had a blog entry recently about State Senator Curt Bramble stopping to help someone on the side of the road, finding out that this woman was WAY on the other side of the political spectrum. What … Continue reading

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Happy *cough* Christmas.

Shauna was too excited to keep on sleeping after we woke up around 2:30AM this morning, so I suggested we go downstairs, get a fire started in the fireplace, and kick back on the Lovesac. Part of getting a fire … Continue reading

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I love a good rant.

Even though I like the music he's complaining about, this rant totally cracks me up.

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Elections are just too expensive?

There have been several news pieces jumping up in recent weeks where Salt Lake County is claiming that it's becoming unmanageably expensive to store, operate, and maintain electronic voting machines. Unsurprisingly, several rural counties are going to be switching back … Continue reading

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Looks like it's not her fault.

We've had a lot of problems with Annabelle peeing in places she's not supposed to, and it's not limited to the house. As noted previously, she's peed on various dog beds already. She's even had problems with wetting her kennel, … Continue reading

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The Left Needs Romney to Lose

A lot of liberal news sources and bloggers (Andy Sullivan, that's you) have been publishing a seemingly endless torrent of anti-Romney articles and posts in the last several months. Interestingly, many of them are trying to sell the idea that … Continue reading

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Playing Hookie

For those of you not living in Utah, we have a ton of snow right now. It's been coming down for over 18 hours now and the place is covered. This morning was particularly bad. Just look at the aftermath. … Continue reading

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Christmas: It brings out the Tourette’s in everyone, I suppose.

Yesterday Jesse and I decided to brave the stores to get gifts for those last few people on our list. We were out and about for 3½ long and terrible hours, getting almost nothing accomplished, before our day of fun … Continue reading

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Beagle Puppies Are The Best

She's cute as can be. This is a good thing. It keeps us from getting too terribly mad at her. Annabelle has proved to be a strong-willed little squirt, and while Chloe did well with verbal reprimands, they seem to … Continue reading

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