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I'm supposed to write some things about myself…

Seven of them, in fact. I can think of only one thing you all should know, however. Weird fact #Only: I don't participate in this kind of stuff. Love you, Kristy.

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Today, I am an old man.

After months of putting it off (and numerous threats by my mother to send in the flying monkeys), I finally went to the doctor for a general check-up. The good news is that I don't have any obvious maladies and … Continue reading

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Looks like I was right.

Looks like I could very well be right about Democrats being scared of Romney winning the Republican nomination. I hate to say "I told you so," but… I told you so.

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Solving The Health Care Crisis: Why Nobody's Solution Will Fix The Problem

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone on the street claiming that there’s no such thing as a health care crisis in our country. It’s conversely very easy to find a lot of people proclaiming a solution to the issue, especially … Continue reading

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Just what *do* you say to a crazy person?

Have you ever read something so fantastic, so blatantly wrong and full of lies that you could only sit there with a bemused "I can't believe someone would say that" look on your face? I had such an experience tonight … Continue reading

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Our puppy is a thief and escape artist.

Annabelle is quite the mischievous little booger. She’s taken to stealing things like socks and shoes and placing them in random spots. Mind you, I’ve not found them chewed on, but they have been moved. Today takes the cake, though. … Continue reading

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Diet Food That Rocks: Feta-Stuffed Chicken

Shauna and I have decided to get on board the diet train to drop some pounds. The big problem is that, being gourmands, we aren't willing to sacrifice good food to do it. Having been impressed with the Better Homes … Continue reading

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A Night on the Town

I don't think it possible to stroll down River Street on a cool Savannah evening and not feel perfectly at-ease. As soon as I stepped out of my car into the cool sea breeze, the smells of various restaurants mingling … Continue reading

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Restaurant Roundup: Hinesville and Savannah, GA

The big thrill of visiting somewhere else is indulging in the local cuisine. The hard part is finding out what's out there, especially in a smaller town. Yes, the hotel staff are a valuable resource (as are clients if you're … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Could Be Key to The West's Future… If Environmentalists Get On Board

Oregon has become the latest state to give Utah coal-fired power plants the heave-ho, following the lead from California cities like Truckee and Pasadena in seeking out more eco-friendly power sources. With left coast cities calling it quits on buying … Continue reading

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