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I'm going to declare this the best song of 2007. It's like Freddie Mercury rose from the dead and anointed Mika his official successor. I'm totally stoked for the US release of his album on March 27th.

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I guess we *don't* have to leave town for good eats.

Holy moly. In two weekends, we've sampled two local places that floored us with the quality of the food we consumed. Granted, neither of them is exactly budget-friendly, but it's so worth it. So without more introductions, I'll move on … Continue reading

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Tech Giants Agree: Education Needs An Upgrade

Steve Jobs didn't hold back at all when he slammed teacher's unions on Saturday, calling them "off-the-charts crazy." Michael Dell didn't go for the throat like Jobs, with whom he shared the stage, but he did follow Jobs by bemoaning … Continue reading

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I'm strangely compelled to buy one of these.

A toaster that puts a skull and crossbones on your toast. Must have. Speaking of which… do you know what a pirate puts on the toast? MARRRmalade. 

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Let's talk double-dipping.

It's easy to see why HB260 has gotten stalled in the Senate. The bill would end the practice of retiring from one state job and being hired at another, effectively collecting both retirement and a paycheck. It seems, however, that … Continue reading

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This is, by far, the strangest "eco-friendly" product I've ever heard of.

Thanks, Google, for showing this in my Gmail ads. I give you Mr. Ellie Pooh, paper made from elephant dung.

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Recipe: Tilapia with Chili Cream Sauce

This week is a week of new adventures in food. Our goal? Try tasty new dishes that don't pack on the pounds. It's been a while since we've had fish, so I naturally gravitated towards a tilapia recipe. For those … Continue reading

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She's all growed up.

Monday morning, Annabelle was acting like she really didn’t feel all that well. She didn’t eat her food and spent the entire morning laying down instead of playing like she normally does. We were feeling pretty sorry for her and … Continue reading

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Don't try this at home.

Last night, Shauna and I were baffled by a lack of water pressure throughout the house. Fearing the worst, I ran downstairs to check the main only to find no sign of leaks. I couldn't find any obvious sources of … Continue reading

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Legislators Need to Stay Out of Local Government

If there's one thing our Legislature just can't resist, it's meddling in the affairs of local governments. From the spat between North Salt Lake and Salt Lake City to the Sandy soccer stadium to the election of school board members, … Continue reading

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