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ID Theft and How We Could Stop It

Back in March of 2005, I was the victim of ID theft. Or, at the least, someone other than me had decided to buy a brand new Dell laptop on eBay with my debit card to the tune of around … Continue reading

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Real Salt Lake Turns "Gift" Into "Investment"

In the latest twist of Dave "Crybaby" Checketts' handout redevelopment package from the Legislature, now he's trying to convert a gift of $7.5M for a youth soccer complex into an "investment" whereby he gets a cut of the action from … Continue reading

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Luddite Legislators Make Utah a Laughingstock

There are some distinctions you don't want. Utah managed to grab the dubious honors of being named in 3 of the top 10 worst Internet laws ever, all of them making the top 5. So what exactly did we do … Continue reading

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School District Administrators Trying to Stiff Teachers

As if we needed more reasons not to trust our local school districts. Reports are pouring in from all over that some school districts might try to hijack the money intended for teacher raises by either not giving them as … Continue reading

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I'm totally addicted to this game.

Chick Chick Boom is about the most addictive thing to hit the Internet since Bejeweled, I kid you not. I'm totally not surprised that Nintendo was involved on this one. Go try it out for yourself.

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Proof That We Can Garden

This is despite Annabelle managing to destroy both the plastic tarp protecting them from yesterdays snow AND about half of the fence around the planter. Hardy indeed.

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Actually, I *can* believe it's not butter.

Please, don't ask me why we bought this. I think we must've been on a high from buying too many Lean Cuisines and indulging on cheese made from 2% milk. After a bender like that, trying out a Fat Free … Continue reading

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Moving Delays

Server migration. The words strike fear of the unknown in the hearts of the non-technical and fear of the known into the hearts of geeks like me. So far, I've only moved mail services and one of the websites to … Continue reading

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Babies and Puppies: A Dangerously Cute Combination

We took these during Conference in April. You can check out more in the new photo album. Why don't you go take a look?

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The Oncoming Voucher Brawl

With the recent submission of what is believed to be enough signatures to get the voucher issue onto our ballots, Utahns had better brace for a battle royale over the upholding or defeat of HB148. (As a side note, nice … Continue reading

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