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Food Porn: Stawberry Cream Cheese Pie

We had a little BBQ with my brother's family yesterday and I'm not too humble to admit that my favorite part was this pie that I made. Soooo good! It really is a great summer treat. It's super easy to … Continue reading

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New Photo Album: Our Dogs

There's a new photo album up with pictures of Annabelle and Chloe. Why don't you go check it out?

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Power For Water: A Vital Trade for the West's Future

Ask most people what they imagine when they think of the West and they'll probably call up an image not too unlike a barren wasteland of cacti and tumbleweeds. Despite the green fields of Utah and the lushly forested banks … Continue reading

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Has Technorati Ranking Become Irrelevant?

Web folks are fascinated with statistics. We love to see how many visits our blogs get, how they get there, who's linking to us and what browser everyone is using. In our quest for meaningful data concerning who's reading and … Continue reading

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Restyling The Template

One of the best parts of WordPress is the ability to customize to your heart's content. You can either go as basic as downloading and installing a new theme or plugin or as extensive as re-writing individual components. Today I … Continue reading

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Week on Food Stamps: You were supposed to suffer, not innovate!

Last week, legislators across the country decided to take part in the Food Stamp Challenge, a project to have elected officials live on the same budget as a person on food stamps for a week. About a dozen Utah civic … Continue reading

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Utah Congressional Delegation Supports Walmart Bank

In a measure sure to steam everyone who hates America's favorite big box, Utah's entire House delegation voted against HR 698, a measure to prevent anyone from opening an industrial bank unless financial transactions account for 85% or more of … Continue reading

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Caught in Annabelle's most recent whirlwind of destruction:

Her own collar/chewed in half Chloe's collar/chewed in half More of the rug which is already near death/ripped and chewed Several used Kleenexes/chewed and ripped to bits A sanding disc (used) with which I sand the nasty dead skin off … Continue reading

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Date Night courtesy of the pagan god of Free Stuff

Since we've been budgeting, I've been paying real close attention to coupons that come in the mail. The other day, we got a coupon for a free movie rental (no strings attached) at Hollywood Video. That was good, but then … Continue reading

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More on budgeting (or: Moron Budgeting)

Well, since we discovered the wholly obscene amounts of money that we were spending on food, I've become a crazy person. Crazy in the sense that I am now obsessed with creating and maintaining a budget. The kind of crazy … Continue reading

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