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Spam Wars: Legislative Interest

Last night I had the chance to meet with Sen. Niederhauser after the meeting of the Government Competition and Privatization Subcommittee. (You can read more on the subcommittee meeting here.) While talking to him, I brought up the anti-spam law … Continue reading

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For Whom the Voucher Polls

There's nothing a politico loves more than a poll backing up his or her position with popular support from the voting public. We're constantly inundated with "the people want this" and "the people want that" in an attend to get … Continue reading

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One-Solution Issues and Political Bundling

After the discussion recently had on A Liberal Mormon concerning Social Justice, I've been thinking a lot about what I call "political bundling". "Political bundling" is the practice of making a particular issue or problem inseparable from one of its … Continue reading

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Restaurant Roundup: Omaha, NE

Going out of town can sometimes be a pain in the rear. I spent the 12th through 16th in fabulous Omaha, coming back to a desk full of more work than I knew what to do with. This was no … Continue reading

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Yarrr! Today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Better use your best pirate voice. 

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HAMing It Up

Many moons ago (a few over 200 to be more exact), I had a teacher who was big-time into HAM radio. I was pretty interested in it from the few times I saw him using one and started studying what … Continue reading

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We will rock you

That was the first song played at the funeral I attended today . And between each speaker, they played another song, each just as seemingly out of place at a funeral as the one before it. It was fitting for … Continue reading

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More Office Pranks

Everyone in the office knows to lock their PCs when they step away from their desks, even for a moment. You might ask why this is. It's because if you don't, you risk getting Hoffed.  That's where your background gets … Continue reading

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A Special Note to Kenneth White and the Builders of White City

You Suck. I mean, seriously. Have you guys ever seen a measuring tape, a level or a square? Is it really that hard to ensure that cabinets hung next to each other are at the same height? Is it too … Continue reading

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Some Quick Voucher Myths and Facts

It seems that strong opinions and high emotions are working hard to keep clarity in the voucher debate well at bay. In the last several days, I've witnessed an incredible number of absolutely false statements concerning Utah's voucher law ranging … Continue reading

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