More Mark Towner Oddities

Witness the following:

Why does have a thespyglass directory?

Why would (no S at the end) have a directory on it named thespyglass? And isn't a funny coincidence that the e-mail originated from, the same site that services Mark's e-mail address? Something in the air smells pretty funny and I haven't even gotten the headers of the original message that got sent out. I'm expecting all kinds of additional irregularities to pop up once that arrives.

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4 Responses to More Mark Towner Oddities

  1. Craig41 says:

    You’d think for someone who has a “Who’s hacking your site?” ad on their blog be smarter than this. But that’s probably expecting more than anyone could out of Towner at this point. Note to Mark Towner, the things you do on the internet with the spam and the email lists, people can piece them together. Nice work Jesse

  2. JM Bell says:

    Who in the hell said: “Hey, you know who would add an air of legitimacy to this whole pro-voucher thing? That disgraced Republican who wears the pirate costume!”

    Then again, Mark may have just gone ahead and done it all by himself, trying to be a hero? “I have 15,000 subscribers! AND a job with PCE! I love Amway! I love WalMart!” You know … ?

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