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The Derrangement of Modern Competition

Competition is the basic building block of a healthy system of free enterprise. With it, we get better consumer choice, a wide variety of products and services and the chance for each of us to start our own enterprises. Without … Continue reading

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Mark Towner Strikes Again, Uses FeedBlitz Once More to Send Spam

Apparently unsubscribe requests mean nothing. I got yet another spam from Marky Mark today, this time through FeedBlitz. Now if you recall, he used FeedBlitz back in June to send another round of spam. Rather than have his account terminated … Continue reading

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I Want Your Vote

Betcha didn't know I was even running for something, huh? Bradley Ross, the guy who runs the Bloghive, has decided to form an advisory board to help steer it and provide some input on operations. I accepted a nomination to … Continue reading

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HAMing It Up, Redux

You're looking at one of Utah's newest HAM operators. Tonight I took the Technician test and passed without a problem. In a couple of days, I get listed on the FCC database with a shiny new call sign and I … Continue reading

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More Mark Towner Spam: Is He Violating His Own Restraining Order Against Mike Ridgeway?

Due to being out of the country and almost immediately into the hospital, I haven't had a chance to write about the latest blast of spam coming from Utah's least favorite pirate captain. The following arrived on November 14 (twice, … Continue reading

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We're home. Things are good.

Just a quickie to let everyone know that we got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Shauna's been sleepy (oxycodone/Percoset will do that) but we've had a few welcomed visitors over today. Anyone looking to do well-wishing should drop by … Continue reading

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Update on Shauna's Condition

The good news is that she's doing okay so far. She's still in a bit of pain, but she's alert and coherent despite the various painkillers she's been taken. Here's the deal on what went down.

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A Perfectly Valid Reason to Still Be Up at 5AM

Appendicitis. More specifically, Shauna's sitting in St. Mark's Hospital (room 9 in the emergency room if you're interested) with a "gnarly-looking" (quote from the doctor) hunk of everyone's favorite vestigial organ. She's going to have it taken out tomorrow (today?) … Continue reading

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We're Back!

Just a quick update that we're back from Italy. We'll be posting pictures and other stuff once we're not so stinking tired. And if you want the Reader's Digest version, it was awesome. 

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Hiatus (Or, we'll be in Italy)

Shauna and I leave for Washington, DC tonight to visit her brother Bill, and then we're off to Italy! We'll be cut off from cell phone access and I don't fathom that there will be a lot of WiFi, so … Continue reading

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