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Pictures from Italy, Round 2: Florence

The pictures from Florence are now up! I promise I'll add captions as time and motivation permit. In the meantime, check out the new gallery.

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Pictures from Italy, Round 1: Venice

Yes, yes. I know we've been remiss in sharing tales of foreign lands and awesome foods. I've been working on the trip log since we got back (when time presents itself) and I promise to have it done by New … Continue reading

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Good Money After Bad? More Money Proposed for Education

As the statewide referendum showed us last month, Utahns feel very passionately about education despite the varied ways in which we all want to improve it. One solution is as old as the education system itself: spend more money. Certainly … Continue reading

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And the Geek shall inherit the earth.

Merriam-Webster choose "w00t" as its word of the year. Halo fans everywhere are celebrating with drunken riots.

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If You Give a Rat a Stadium

I'm sure many of you have read the children's book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. In it, a young boy does what the title suggests, yet this action leads to getting the mouse a glass of milk to … Continue reading

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Restaurant Roundup: Ames, IA

The Midwest solidly earned its reputation for harsh winters. After just a few days in Iowa, I can see that Utahns have it rather easy. We usually don’t have that kind of cold until mid-January and only for a few … Continue reading

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A Quick Note From Ames, Iowa

It's 16ºF here. There's supposed to be 4 inches of snow tomorrow. I think I picked the wrong place for a on-site.

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Thanks for your support!

The final votes are in in the Bloghive Advisory Board election and I won one of the seats! Thanks to everyone for your support. I highly recommend checking out the final results to see how the votes ended up being … Continue reading

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