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Conversation today with the receptionist at work

"Who's "we"… are you married or something?" "Yeah, haven't you met my husband, Jesse? He's been in here a couple of times." "That's SO weird! I just assumed you were single!" "Why?" "You always look so fashionable and have your … Continue reading

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Say NO to HB139

I would really like a legislature to go by without some sort of embarrassing technology bill being put forth. Despite my best hopes, it appears that this year isn’t it. Rep. Brad Daw has put forth a bill (largely written … Continue reading

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We'll miss you, President Hinckley

Shauna and I were playing board games with some friends when the news of President Hinckley's passing arrived through the grapevine. Having been baptized when I was 19, he's the only prophet that I've ever known. It makes this particular … Continue reading

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A Sign From the Lord About Your Future (Or: Some really good crazy)

Tonight we received a super fun chain letter from some serious crazy-heads. Behold:

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I'm looking forward to my vat of wine

As seen on the rebate form for the awesome new Kitchen-Aid mixer I got for Christmas:

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Remember the Basics

Last night I managed to blow out the computer speakers and the attached headphones. For some odd reason I keep on building these big static charges and when I brushed up against the headphone clip, ZAP, $500+ worth of sound … Continue reading

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The Best Legislature Money Can Buy

It seems that there's been a bit of a stir lately as newspapers have flocked to stories highlighting Utah's somewhat… lenient rules on legislative gift-giving and campaign contributions. For those that don't know, here's the skinny: campaign money can be … Continue reading

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Jerry Springer on Our Block

There's sometimes a reason that Shauna calls our township "White Trash City". This morning, we both woke up to the sounds of yelling outside the house. I wasn't very amused given that it was 3:45AM, so I popped my head … Continue reading

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What We've Been Up To (or, Why We're Social Hermits These Days)

We’ve been terrible at socializing over the last couple of months. We missed parties, we don’t call or e-mail and we even skipped our normal New Year’s Eve gala this year. You can probably guess some of the more obvious … Continue reading

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For Those of You Who Watch Scrubs

I give you… The Todd Time. Enjoy.

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