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Social Blunder #11

Outside of apocalyptic starvation, there are absolutely no conditions under which it is okay to reheat fish in the break room microwave. Even fish lovers like me don't like the smell.

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This is why nobody trusts the forecast

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Outsourcing The Family

Not that long ago, I read an inspiring article written by Steve Olsen and posted over at The Utah Amicus. While I think he failed to support his thesis statement, the piece itself was a wake-up call to families to … Continue reading

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Recipe: Chocolate Meringue Bars (and a special way to find new recipes)

I know, I know. It's been a really long time since we've let any of you in on the new food we've made. The dry spell ends tonight! Last night, we were tasked with bringing a dessert for dinner at … Continue reading

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Restaurant Roundup: Winnipeg,MB (yes, in Canada)

I know, it's been like a month since I got back from the Great White North. That doesn't mean I can't share some good eats of Canada, right? It was really cold and gray up there in January. The temps … Continue reading

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For Frank (With Apologies to Shauna)

So I got tagged for an Internet meme, and the only thing I can think of is something my wife has said before: Thing #Only: I don't do these things. Sorry Frank. I've just never been into them.

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A Special Thanks to The Sutherland Institute

I want to extend a special thank you to Lyall Swim and The Sutherland Institute for hosting a blogger's breakfast this week. It's a rare thing indeed to get access to well-known pundits and higher-up elected officials and the conversation … Continue reading

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Mark Towner, Knock It Off!

It's no secret I've been in some high-profile fights with Mark Towner over his spamming ways. Remember the gun-for-hire e-mail he sent from Utahns for Public School? How about the threats to sue me? Maybe his blatant violations of FeedBlitz's … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Your Own Messes

Thanks to nearly a century of interference and bungling, the federal government has managed to make quite a mess of the telecommunications market. Not only was there rampant abuse of the patent system by men like Alexander Graham Bell in … Continue reading

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