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And Now Some Good Funny

Funny #1: If you're dumb enough to try and ransom somebody's stolen XBox 360, you probably shouldn't use your personal XBox Live account that enables them to post the story on their blog and have the entire freaking Interweb track … Continue reading

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Well-Trained Dogs

Our dogs thrive on routine. Every morning, they get excited because they know breakfast is coming when I get out of the shower and get dressed. I’ve been using an automatic dog feeder with great success, being precisely on time … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Candidates in Utah House 48

Now that the candidate filing period has closed, there's a clearer picture of what's going on with House 48, the district I live in. The race has made some headlines as LaVar "Elect Democrats and the Terrorists Win" Christensen has … Continue reading

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I bet this question has been weighing heavily on you

Know what's grosser than finding that your dog has chewed up a tampon and strewn the fluffy cotton contents all over your yard?

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More Depressing News About Utah

The Tribune posted a new article showing that Utahns have the highest rate of ‘serious psychological distress’ of any state, hot on the heels of similar news reported by ABC. It naturally kicked off the normal name-calling and general nastiness … Continue reading

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Music You're Ashamed to Admit You Like

Everyone has dirty little secrets about the music they like. (Mine is The Carpenters.) Even though Michael Jackson sells multi-platinum albums all of the time, you'd be hard-pressed to actually see one of them in someone's collection. Same deal with … Continue reading

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The Terrible Secret of Space

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Recipe: Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes

Just got this great recipe out of Cuisine magazine and we tried it out this weekend. The cornmeal gives these pancakes great texture while folding beaten egg whites into the batter helps keep the pancakes from getting heavy. Top it … Continue reading

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Be Kind, Rewind

Jesse and I saw this movie tonight after driving all the way to West Jordan to get a hose for our new dishwasher only to find out that Sears doesn't actually carry them. So what do you do at 10pm … Continue reading

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