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To Kill a Mocking Bird

About two months ago, some new neighbors moved into a house just a few doors away from us. Like a lot of families, they brought pets with them. Unlike a lot of families, those pets were just under a dozen … Continue reading

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When Poster Parodies Attack

The group health plan at work decided to send up a bunch of "healthy living" posters to remind us to stop eating junk food and start working out. They're along the lines of this one: Of course, it just begs … Continue reading

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Expanding Our Garden

Remember last year’s foray into growing strawberries? Remember the pathetic harvest that was barely even a pint? I think we’re going to do better this year.

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New Album: Zion National Park, Mother's Day 2008

I know, Mother's Day was 2 weeks ago. Shauna had to do quite a bit of touch-up to get these ready for primetime, and her Photoshop skills far outweigh mine. Go check out the new album for yourself for lots … Continue reading

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A Morning Walk

This morning, Shauna decided that we needed to take a walk with the dogs. We started off in the neighborhood and wandered our way into Dimple Dell along Dry Creek, then under 1300 E to the side with the horse … Continue reading

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Unintentional Hilarity in Google Searches

I'm pretty sure Google doesn't mean to make some suggestions to the Humane Society, but… See the original search results here. 

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A Conversation While Channel-Surfing Tonight

Shauna: "So… wanna watch American Idol?" Me: "No, because I don't want to hear another person talking about David Archuleta." Shauna: "Who's David Archuleta?" Me: "I wish I could say that." 

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As Overheard Today in Sacrament Meeting

Shauna: "What's a 'family mission plan'?" Me: "I dunno. Having kids far enough apart that you can afford to pay for them?"

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