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He's Dead, Jim

I can count only a handful of times that I've experienced some kind of computer hardware failure. The most recent was a little over a year ago when the power supply in the desktop blew out unexpectedly. This morning, I … Continue reading

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I am seriously, SO BLESSED…

…to have found this website . If you're not sure why people think it's a BAD THING when they call you a "Utah Mormon"… this site is probably not for you. Otherwise, this may just be the funniest thing you've … Continue reading

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First Fruits 2008

Last year: This year: Much improved, no? 

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On Sacrament Bread

In our ward today, the sacrament bread was rye bread. As much as I personally like rye, who thought that was a good idea?

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An Idea So Bad, You Almost Don't Believe It

Someone at Kellogg's thought it would be a really good idea to make these: No, this isn't a parody. This is a real product. I think that Gabe at Penny Arcade put it best: I just spent the first three … Continue reading

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The Diminishing Value of a College Education

For decades, it's been considered common knowledge that a college degree was your ticket to a well-paying job. Salary surveys back it up, usually showing substantial wage differences between those with a high school diploma and those holding a bachelor's … Continue reading

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Doing Something About High Energy Prices

If you want to see Americans get angry, just start talking about the price of gas. Or maybe ask a Californian about electricity prices during the blackouts. It seems that we’re enormously sensitive to the cost of energy. I myself … Continue reading

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Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

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Is Your Kitchen Restaurant-Quality?

No, I don't mean that you make meals that could be served on Iron Chef or have the really fancy Electrolux induction cooktop, but that you're following proper food handling guidelines to make sure nobody picks up a bug. The … Continue reading

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