On Sacrament Bread

In our ward today, the sacrament bread was rye bread. As much as I personally like rye, who thought that was a good idea?

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4 Responses to On Sacrament Bread

  1. jess says:

    i’m pretty sure this was designed to make people who shouldn’t be taking the sacrament think twice…

    probably not the best idea.

  2. We have a hawaiian sister in our ward who makes the bread each week. It’s white and fluffy and soft. Just like I imagine bread in heaven would be.

    In more than one testimony meeting comments like, “Sister Lealao’s sacrament bread was delicious. I just wish I had some butter” have been heard.

  3. Sherpa says:

    At least you had bread, we didn’t have bread a few weeks ago. Talks first, and then the sacrament.

  4. Given that Jesus was Jewish, perhaps the bread should be unleavened. Rye would not have bothered me. Given that Jesus probably had typical meditranean skin pigmentation, they probably should have had pumpernickel.

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