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Return of the Roof Leaks

One of the first major projects we had to do when we got this house was get the roof replaced. As long-time readers may recall, the corner in the kitchen was a veritable fountain as snow melted off during our … Continue reading

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Quit Egging Us On

For the last couple of weeks, we've had the pleasure of playing host to Sara and her wonderful kids Max and Corina. This recent trip started off kind of bumpy when they experienced a blowout around Lagoon in the middle … Continue reading

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Firefox 3: One Browser to Rule Them All

I've been using Firefox since it was known as Phoenix back in the 0.1 days and have always been really pleased with the project overall. Using Firefox has always been a pleasure with good performance, stability and extensibility. It had … Continue reading

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The Power of Forgiveness

When I left Las Vegas for a new life in Utah, I also left behind several friends. Just prior to moving, I'd had a falling out with one of them that bordered on epic. Since we both had mutual friends … Continue reading

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