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Election of a King

Ever since Ron Paul (predictably) failed to secure the Republican nomination for president, I have found myself uninspired by the current field of candidates. I can't even find a third-party candidate that makes me feel that I can hold my … Continue reading

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Building a New PC

After the death of the long-in-the-tooth desktop, I was looking forward to getting a shiny new one to replace it. I'd been intending to upgrade for a long time, but the total investment was proving to be a bit much … Continue reading

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Tots on a Plane

I think that flying is meant to be uncomfortable by design. You cram 150+ strangers into a metal tube with recirculated air and barely enough room to shift in your seat, hoping that nothing goes wrong at you soar through … Continue reading

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The Question You Should Stop Asking Your Co-workers When They Are Dressed Up

I'm wearing a collared shirt with a tie today because I'm doing some on-site consulting for work. This is a departure from the normal dress around here which usually consists of jeans and some kind of collared shirt. What I … Continue reading

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Things I Forgot I Hated About Season 1 of Lost

… until we started watching it again this past weekend at Shauna's insistence. First off, there's Shannon. She's utterly useless (and no, the weak French translations of nonsense don't count) and spends her entire time whining, tanning (she wears at … Continue reading

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Government as a Competitive Marketplace

In modern politics, it seems that the mainstream approached to governance involve a tightly integrated and uniform system of government from the federal level down to our individual neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this model has the most in common with Stalinist central … Continue reading

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