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Seeing Red on the Bailout

There have been precious few times where a political issue has had me absolutely infuriated with white hot rage. Among these are the deployment of troops to Iraq in 2003 and the unnecessary tax increases in Nevada during that same … Continue reading

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A Brief Thought on the Bailout

More later.

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Victory Against the Chickens

Just a small note to indicate that the war on the chickens is over… and I won. I walked past that house the other day and noticed that the chicken coop is entirely gone. I guess the county eventually took … Continue reading

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Thirty years

I've had trouble with birthdays the last few years. Every year since I turned twenty-four, it's been harder and harder. The momentum I created of freaking out about birthdays got so bad that I've been referring to this birthday as … Continue reading

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Prilosec Believes in Russian Nesting Boxes

Last night, I went to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions and a couple of over-the-counter meds. On that list was some Prilosec OTC, one of the few industrial-strength antacids that pregnant women can take. It seemed like it … Continue reading

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Real-World Solutions to Solve Traffic Issues

Traffic planning is one of the core responsibilities we give to government, yet it is rarely discussed outside of the realm of two poles of thought: build more roads or run more busses. Each pole is heavily invested in their … Continue reading

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A WordPress Scheduled Post Disappeared (and how I fixed it)

I had a problem last night where I wrote a post, gave it a date to be published in the future and had it promptly disappear on me. Granted, I'm using an older version of WordPress (2.1.3 until I can … Continue reading

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The Importance of Shopping Around

Shauna and I have been talking about a new bed and bedroom set for a really long time. Our current bed is sagging quite a bit (both in the mattress and boxspring) and I’ve been using a TV tray as … Continue reading

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There's no room for doubt

… it's a boy!

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A Winner Is You

"Free is a very competitive price." That's been one of my catchphrases for a while now and rare are the occasions where it isn't true. This past week proved it in spades. I travel quite a bit for work and … Continue reading

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