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Addressing Myths of Our Health Care System

Jason over at The Sidetrack linked to an interesting article on 5 myths about our health care system. I've already written many times about health care, but I thought I could propose some solutions to the problems that this article … Continue reading

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Gov and Marriage

Over the years, I’ve found plenty of areas where I disagree with the libertarian view. Too much of what they propose is pure anarchy, stripping government down far beyond the minimum necessary to function. So it goes with most libertarian … Continue reading

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A Miracle of Modern Technology?

I'm trying to figure out what makes this toilet paper "advanced".

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Don't Go Overboard With Ethics Reform

There's an old joke that Congress does two things: nothing and too much. It seems like the Legislature is being asked to model Congress when it comes to taking on ethics reform. I went to a meeting last night sponsored … Continue reading

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Taking a Stand on Christmas Creep

I've pretty much had it with Christmas advertising already and it isn't yet Thanksgiving. Since just after Labor Day, stores have been hawking Christmas lights and playing Christmas music and basically bombarding me with everything Christmas for more than 2 … Continue reading

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Recycling Made Easy

Shauna and I both have done a terrible job at taking advantage of the recycling bin provided by the county. Most of it boiled down to laziness. It seemed like a real chore to take a few small items out … Continue reading

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The Blessings of a New Temple

Today in church, we had a combined meeting with all of the adults and youth concerning the new temple being finished in Draper. This is going to be a truly massive undertaking with nearly 700 volunteers needed during each day … Continue reading

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A Good Time Had By All

Thanks to everyone who could make it out to the blogger dinner at Squatter's last night. Jason Williams of The Sidetrack and KVNU's For The People, Marshall of Wasatch Watcher and Frank Staheli of Simple Utah Mormon Politics all came … Continue reading

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Recipe: Pumpkin Bisque

I'm a pretty good pantry scavenger when our fridge is running a bit low on fresh ingredients. We pretty much hit that point with no milk, eggs or bread in the fridge and a lot of empty shelves. What we … Continue reading

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It's Time to Break Bread Together

Finally happy that the election is over? Want to meet the people behind the keyboards? Then it's time to unplug and make your way to downtown Salt Lake City to break bread with your favorite bloggers and political personalities. The … Continue reading

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