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Of Tea Bags and Temper Tantrums: An Open Letter to Today's Tea Party Protestors

Dear Teabaggers, You’re new here, aren’t you? I mean to the whole protesting thing. And the small government thing. Let’s have a talk before you embarrass yourselves any further.

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Utah Democratic Party Perpetuates Clinton Surplus Myths

The Utah Democratic Party seems to be about as truth challenged as the mis-guided and hypocritical “teabaggers” throwing hissy fits parties today. (Seriously, where were you guys when Bush racked up trillions in deficits? Worshiping at the shrine of fellow … Continue reading

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An Experience with a Private Park

As part of our trip to Sacramento, Shauna and I took a one-night getaway to Monterey for our anniversary. As part of that, we did 17 Mile Drive, a scenic trip down the coast that takes you through beaches, cliffs, … Continue reading

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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-01

Had to make a call to Bermuda. Instead of paying Sprint $1.49/min, I used the free balance in Google Voice at $0.09/min. WIN! # Powered by Twitter Tools.

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