Monthly Archive: January 2010

Some Thoughts After Conan's Departure 2

Some Thoughts After Conan's Departure

Like 7 million other people (literally), I tuned in to watch Conan’s final episode of The Tonight Show last night. I even re-watched it this morning on Hulu because it was that good. If you don’t have the time to...

An Open Letter to NBC 1

An Open Letter to NBC

Dear NBC, Look, guys, I know you can’t help but screw up, but you’ve pretty much put the icing on the cake now. It’s not very surprising, though. You made Heroes suck for two seasons after a mind-blowing premier and...

Yahoo Has Been Baninated 0

Yahoo Has Been Baninated

Due to a crawler that thinks sending hundreds of requests at a time is an acceptable practice, something that effectively results in a denial of service attack on the web server, Yahoo’s crawler has hereby been completely and totally banned...