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Why Social Score Sites Like Empire Avenue Matter

When I first noticed Empire Avenue, I derisively dismissed it as “Farmville for the Twitter crowd”. It sounded like just another game designed to waste hours of time to meaninglessly raise arbitrary numbers. I had already witnessed (and experienced) the … Continue reading

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A Rare Opportunity

My previous job had a rather lax dress code. I showed up every day in jeans and a collared shirt, but I could have just as well been dressed to go to the park. I was kind of done with … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Registration (And You Should Too)

Every time a website wants me to register a new account, I reflexively tense up and feel my blood pressure rising. Sure, it’s inconvenient, but that’s not why I do it. I do it because using your own registration system … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from Job Hunting

Back in April, I found myself in the ranks of the unemployed. The reasons and causes are, in hindsight, not all that important, but I’ve learned a lot of very valuable lessons in a very short timespan about finding a … Continue reading

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