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Because I’m totally an adult

… I can opt to eat Mickey Mouse-shaped chicken nuggets for lunch.   Stay childish, my friends.

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Letting babies decide the best way to eat

We’ve been working on solid foods with Nathan and he’s been taking to it much better than Liam ever did. (In some ways, he’s well beyond his older brother on that front.) Tonight I decided to let him finish off … Continue reading

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There’s a niche for everything (and competition for it too)

Nathan was being kind of a pill about going to sleep tonight (it took the both of us about three hours to get him to zonk out) and one of the weapons we (and by “we” I mean Shauna) tried … Continue reading

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Self-driving cars should also be self-parking cars

Almost any time you go to Costco, you’ll find the parking lot crammed to capacity. I normally don’t really care about this and just park wherever I can find a space quickly although some stores have Valet Parking Software to … Continue reading

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No, Mike, you’re wrong. You shouldn’t blog exclusively on Google+.

Mike Elgan has written a post on Google+ that the vast majority of bloggers should abandon their standalone blogs and post exclusively on Google_ instead. His argument is centered around the idea that blog comments suck. Given that many people … Continue reading

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Fun times with autism treatment options

So just before Christmas, Liam was officially diagnosed with Autism. We’ve kind of been operating under that assumption for quite some time now, so this is not really big news. The only reason I pursued  an official diagnosis for him … Continue reading

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Own Your Content (Or, Start Using Your Blog Again)

Any time Facebook proposes some kind of change to their terms of service, the user base gets whipped into an uproarious frenzy. “How dare they!” a million angry commenters rage, doing a copy/paste of some boilerplate “I still own my … Continue reading

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Is Weird Al working for USA Networks?

When Weird Al Yankovic asked Kurt Cobain for permission to parody “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, the first question he asked (after offering up an enthusiastic approval) was if the album was going to be about food. Given the number of … Continue reading

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