There’s a niche for everything (and competition for it too)

Nathan was being kind of a pill about going to sleep tonight (it took the both of us about three hours to get him to zonk out) and one of the weapons we (and by “we” I mean Shauna) tried out was playing some music for him. Since Liam has forever claimed ownership of any and everything resembling a CD player (to the point of killing at least three of them in the last six months), Shauna grabbed his Kindle and loaded up a Pandora station of lullaby music.

To our surprise, lullaby versions of pop songs started playing. We were already very familiar with Rockabye Baby (and have a number of their albums), but suddenly we were very aware not just that they weren’t the only game in town, but that there’s a large number of competitors. In the few minutes we listened to it, we heard covers from Jammy Jams, Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star, and Sleepytime Tunes. There’s apparently a thriving industry designed to make it easy to indoctrinate infants with your musical tastes.

It just goes to show you that if there’s money to be made doing something, there’s gonna be a lot of people doing it.

(And, FYI, the Rockabye Baby ones sound the best. They make up for limited selection with top-notch quality.)

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