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Another Comcast Bait and Switch

It took Comcast all of a day after our move to Utah to get on my “not impressed” list. In the intervening 8+ years, I can’t say they’ve done much beyond striving for mediocrity. From incompetent technical support to unexplained … Continue reading

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I don’t trust electronic locks and neither should you

I’ve seen a lot of buzz over the last few months about electronic locks for your home. They offer a lot of interesting features that, I’ll admit, look pretty tempting. Granting a temporary key with an expiration date? That’s cool. … Continue reading

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“Please, call me daddy.”

Liam has picked up an… interesting new habit. He used to call Shauna and I mommy and daddy like a typical kid. Now he’s decided to call us by our first names since he hears us doing that with each … Continue reading

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Nathan branches out

That’s lamb saag, naan, and raitha. Gotta start them young.

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