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You know how most kids are grossed out by kissing?

Liam is apparently not that kid. Today, he said “daddy squeeze mommy”, so I gave Shauna a hug. Pleased with the results, he followed up with “daddy kiss mommy”. Happy to oblige, kid. Happy to oblige.

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Your first computer?

Lifehacker asked the interesting question: when did you get your first computer? My “first” depends on your definition. The first computer we had at home was an old Packard Bell purchased in 1989 or 1990. It was a glorious 286 … Continue reading

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Another Comcast Bait and Switch, redux

Despite being elevated to executive customer service, Comcast is still failing to impress me. To her credit, Annette has been pleasant to deal with, but I’m still left with a lot of bad taste in my mouth. Here’s a rundown … Continue reading

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The “Holy War” is an Unholy Mess

As someone who’s not really into sports (beyond wanting the Cubs to win and the Yankees to lose), rivalries are more-or-less lost on me. Even though my parents are on opposite sides of the Alabama-Auburn one, I never really caught … Continue reading

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Some sobering reality on fingerprint readers

Since Apple confirmed the poorly-kept secret that the latest iPhone would have a fingerprint reader, I’ve seen a lot of people state things about the technology that just aren’t so. These ideas are no doubt fueled by the fantasy presented … Continue reading

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Nathan’s New Jam

Nathan has only mastered a few words and phrases, but so far his most favorite is “happy”. When he’s in a good mood, he’ll just wander around saying “happy, happy” over and over and over again. About a week ago, … Continue reading

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