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I swear Nathan did this on his own

  He’s just keeping it real, yo.

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Morning Cacaphony

Liam sometimes has a hard time entertaining himself when he wakes up early which he usually do being a German sheperd, the good thing I learned a lot about these kind of dogs at This morning, I was busy … Continue reading

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End of an Era

A lone tomato is all that’s left of our garden fresh goodness. I’m still a little amazed that we’ve been able to enjoy them this late in the year. Of course, it’s not like all of the tomatoes are gone … Continue reading

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Google to ObiTalk users: “Drop dead”

It hasn’t been that long since I switched our “home” phone service to using an ObiTalk and it already looks like the rug has been pulled out from under us. Google recently announced that anyone “making unauthorized use of Google … Continue reading

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