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Everything comes down to poo… (a Nathan update)

So far, we have removed gluten, casein (dairy), egg, soy, oat, peanut and almond from Nathan’s diet. We are also limiting apple and rice. He is getting only a very small amount of processed foods at this point (I haven’t … Continue reading

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Destination 210: The Inevitable Plateau

I knew the day would come, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I’ve hit kind of a plateau around 220 in the past week and it seems like the loss from diet alone is starting to slow … Continue reading

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Kiss THESE Grits

In the continuing quest to find some food that Nathan 1) likes and 2) won’t get explosive diarrhea from, I decided to trust the latest allergy results and give a bowl of grits a shot. He didn’t use the spoon … Continue reading

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Nathan, I love your guts (even though they suck)

If you’re on Facebook and don’t have me hidden or anything, you probably already know that last week Nathan went in for an endoscopy/colonoscopy to try to get to the bottom of some chronic GI issues. I finally got a … Continue reading

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A new kind of bedtime defiance

Every night, I lay down with Liam in his bed before he goes to sleep. Every night, I tell him “it’s time for night-night”. Every night, he usually protests in the same way: “no night-night!” Last night, he took a … Continue reading

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Can you make your own chicken nuggets? Sort of.

Thanks to Nathan’s food allergies (or at least the ones we’re aware of so far), we’ve had to find a lot of creative solutions for meals. To avoid wheat, dairy, soy, and eggs, you either have to make things from … Continue reading

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Destination 210: Be Accountable

Accountability works. That’s what got me started on the path of changing my habits to lose weight. A scale that keeps track of my weight makes me strongly consider when I “cheat” on my new eating habits. It makes me … Continue reading

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