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Building a Better Social Network

One of the biggest limitations of using a blog to own your own content is that you more-or-less give up controlling access to your content. Everything is out in the open by default. The workarounds are to either secure individual … Continue reading

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Destination 210: Focusing on health, not weight

I’ve been dropping weight at a glacial pace for the last several weeks. It’s still coming off, but maybe at a rate of a pound a week, tops. I’m still losing fat mass, but that’s also going pretty slowly. I’ve … Continue reading

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Ordain Women and doing it wrong

Like 87% of LDS Church membership, I do not support Ordain Women. I believe both their goals and their methods to be deeply flawed and out of touch with how the Church operates. I want to lay out some reasons … Continue reading

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In which I hate on the How I Met Your Mother finale

Warning: here be spoilers. Run the other way if you want to ruin, er, watch the show for yourself. I’ve seen more than one source describe How I Met Your Mother as “Friends for Millennials”. After the train wreck of … Continue reading

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