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Destination 210: The Inevitable Plateau

I knew the day would come, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. I’ve hit kind of a plateau around 220 in the past week and it seems like the loss from diet alone is starting to slow … Continue reading

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Destination 210: Be Accountable

Accountability works. That’s what got me started on the path of changing my habits to lose weight. A scale that keeps track of my weight makes me strongly consider when I “cheat” on my new eating habits. It makes me … Continue reading

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A Sunday morning exchange

Me: Can I still wear my polka dot dress even though I'm not pregnant? Jesse: I don't see why not. I've seen non-pregnant women wearing polka dots plenty. Me: I was wondering if I could wear the dress because it's … Continue reading

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Thirty years

I've had trouble with birthdays the last few years. Every year since I turned twenty-four, it's been harder and harder. The momentum I created of freaking out about birthdays got so bad that I've been referring to this birthday as … Continue reading

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Three years and true measures of love and devotion

As Jesse mentioned previously, we just celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Three years ago, Jesse and I came to the mutual conclusion that what really matters is the marriage and not the wedding so we invited our parents (Tuesday) to … Continue reading

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Be Kind, Rewind

Jesse and I saw this movie tonight after driving all the way to West Jordan to get a hose for our new dishwasher only to find out that Sears doesn't actually carry them. So what do you do at 10pm … Continue reading

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The peeping was a gateway drug (Or: Annabelle, the Bumlicker)

Annabelle has this incredibly adorable and funny habit of peeping on Jesse when he's in the shower.  A couple days ago, she even got so curious what was going on in there that she JUMPED in the shower with him. … Continue reading

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Adventures in Zion: New Picture Album

Go check out the new photo album with pictures from our trip.

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Christmas: It brings out the Tourette’s in everyone, I suppose.

Yesterday Jesse and I decided to brave the stores to get gifts for those last few people on our list. We were out and about for 3½ long and terrible hours, getting almost nothing accomplished, before our day of fun … Continue reading

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When age-old wisdom meets puppy training…

So last night we get home from work and notice that Chloe has chewed a hole in her brand new bed (the replacement bed for the first one she chewed up) and stuffing from the bed was strewn about all … Continue reading

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