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What evey hotel TV should do

Seriously, how is this not a thing everywhere? Why does every other hotel TV make hooking up your own stuff such a chore? I kind of want to install one at home (even though I have no use for it) … Continue reading

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Children are not the worst thing on a plane

Conventional wisdom is that screaming children are the quickest way to ruin a flight. Personally, I feel more empathy for the parents than anything else because we’ve been there multiple times. Our last flying experience revealed, though, that there is … Continue reading

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A Very Close Call

On our drive back from California, we had an exceptionally close call. We were between Elko and Winnemucca (which, if you’re not aware, it pretty much Middle of Nowhere, Nevada) and driving through some thunderstorms. Desert rain has a tendency … Continue reading

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Amtrak FTW?

My grandmother has been agitating for us to come back out and visit again this year. As you well know, flying has become out of the question, so I spent a bit of time crunching the numbers on both driving … Continue reading

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This is exactly what it looks like.

Yes, that’s Liam. In a three-wheeled stroller. With no pants. We felt so white trash. When we got off the plane in Boston, our gate-checked stroller had been unceremoniously tossed onto the jetway like a rag doll, though we didn’t … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Air Transport Association

I sent the following letter to the Air Transport Association who represents the airline industry. I would encourage you to send them a letter of your own and refuse to fly until they get rid of government-mandated sexual assault, especially … Continue reading

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We’ve been sitting in the waiting area for almost three hours now. Liam’s been going through his surgery and we’ve been doing anything we can to distract ourselves. It’s the longest wait imaginable. I don’t know how the parents here … Continue reading

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Liam's Hand Surgery

A lot of people are asking about it, so I thought maybe I should just get it written down in one spot so I stop having to repeat myself. Liam’s hand surgery has been scheduled for April 28 at Children’s … Continue reading

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There's no place like home for the holidays

For Christmas, Shauna and I took Liam to Alabama to meet my side of the extended family. All of my living grandparents and most of my aunts and uncles (as well as both cousins) live within the state, so it … Continue reading

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An Experience with a Private Park

As part of our trip to Sacramento, Shauna and I took a one-night getaway to Monterey for our anniversary. As part of that, we did 17 Mile Drive, a scenic trip down the coast that takes you through beaches, cliffs, … Continue reading

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