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New Album: Zion National Park, Mother's Day 2008

I know, Mother's Day was 2 weeks ago. Shauna had to do quite a bit of touch-up to get these ready for primetime, and her Photoshop skills far outweigh mine. Go check out the new album for yourself for lots … Continue reading

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A Morning Walk

This morning, Shauna decided that we needed to take a walk with the dogs. We started off in the neighborhood and wandered our way into Dimple Dell along Dry Creek, then under 1300 E to the side with the horse … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Candidates in Utah House 48

Now that the candidate filing period has closed, there's a clearer picture of what's going on with House 48, the district I live in. The race has made some headlines as LaVar "Elect Democrats and the Terrorists Win" Christensen has … Continue reading

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More Depressing News About Utah

The Tribune posted a new article showing that Utahns have the highest rate of ‘serious psychological distress’ of any state, hot on the heels of similar news reported by ABC. It naturally kicked off the normal name-calling and general nastiness … Continue reading

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A Special Thanks to The Sutherland Institute

I want to extend a special thank you to Lyall Swim and The Sutherland Institute for hosting a blogger's breakfast this week. It's a rare thing indeed to get access to well-known pundits and higher-up elected officials and the conversation … Continue reading

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Mark Towner, Knock It Off!

It's no secret I've been in some high-profile fights with Mark Towner over his spamming ways. Remember the gun-for-hire e-mail he sent from Utahns for Public School? How about the threats to sue me? Maybe his blatant violations of FeedBlitz's … Continue reading

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Say NO to HB139

I would really like a legislature to go by without some sort of embarrassing technology bill being put forth. Despite my best hopes, it appears that this year isn’t it. Rep. Brad Daw has put forth a bill (largely written … Continue reading

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The Best Legislature Money Can Buy

It seems that there's been a bit of a stir lately as newspapers have flocked to stories highlighting Utah's somewhat… lenient rules on legislative gift-giving and campaign contributions. For those that don't know, here's the skinny: campaign money can be … Continue reading

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Thanks for your support!

The final votes are in in the Bloghive Advisory Board election and I won one of the seats! Thanks to everyone for your support. I highly recommend checking out the final results to see how the votes ended up being … Continue reading

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Mark Towner Strikes Again, Uses FeedBlitz Once More to Send Spam

Apparently unsubscribe requests mean nothing. I got yet another spam from Marky Mark today, this time through FeedBlitz. Now if you recall, he used FeedBlitz back in June to send another round of spam. Rather than have his account terminated … Continue reading

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