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A Rare Opportunity

My previous job had a rather lax dress code. I showed up every day in jeans and a collared shirt, but I could have just as well been dressed to go to the park. I was kind of done with … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from Job Hunting

Back in April, I found myself in the ranks of the unemployed. The reasons and causes are, in hindsight, not all that important, but I’ve learned a lot of very valuable lessons in a very short timespan about finding a … Continue reading

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A one-car family?

I feel sorry for our sedan. See, it’s been sitting unused for almost a month now. Aside from moving it from the driveway to the street for our garage sale, then back into the driveway, it hasn’t moved. No, nothing … Continue reading

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Protected: The Best Laid Plans Laid to Waste

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Quebec Isn't So Bad

I've spent most of this last week in Montreal, Quebec doing on-site training and installation. Honestly, the whole language thing had me a bit intimidated. Not only do I not speak French, but I heard from a certain friend that … Continue reading

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On Mythical Functionality

I had the following conversation with a co-worker today: Co-worker: Hey, uh…do you guys have a magical utility that emails reports? Something we don't know about? Me: Yes. It also ejects Pop Tarts from the floppy drive, if you have … Continue reading

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Thirty years

I've had trouble with birthdays the last few years. Every year since I turned twenty-four, it's been harder and harder. The momentum I created of freaking out about birthdays got so bad that I've been referring to this birthday as … Continue reading

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A Winner Is You

"Free is a very competitive price." That's been one of my catchphrases for a while now and rare are the occasions where it isn't true. This past week proved it in spades. I travel quite a bit for work and … Continue reading

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Tots on a Plane

I think that flying is meant to be uncomfortable by design. You cram 150+ strangers into a metal tube with recirculated air and barely enough room to shift in your seat, hoping that nothing goes wrong at you soar through … Continue reading

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The Question You Should Stop Asking Your Co-workers When They Are Dressed Up

I'm wearing a collared shirt with a tie today because I'm doing some on-site consulting for work. This is a departure from the normal dress around here which usually consists of jeans and some kind of collared shirt. What I … Continue reading

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