Millcreek Says "Smell you later" to Other Townships

An article recently published in the Salt Lake Tribune comes as further evidence that Millcreek is playing a game of "look out for number one" at the expense of other townships. It seems that the township considers incorporation or annexation as an eventuality rather than something that can be stayed with either scenario resulting in a doubling of taxes for residents within its borders. Since Millcreek couldn't care less about the township status that sunsets in 2010, it's no wonder that they're complicit in the plot to kill the designation. That leaves Magna, Kearns and White City hanging out to dry; incorporation in any of these areas (the latter of which I live in) would result in a tax increase of over 300%, exceeding limits set by state law. That means we could look forward to being annexed bit by bit by neighboring cities and suffering a doubling of taxes at their hands.

I'm hoping legislators have the good sense to renew HB40 when the time comes. If not, there's going to be some heads rolling at the capitol building. 

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  1. Jason says:

    Yeah! MillCreek represent!

    Err… that’s awful!

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