Congress Tries to Fix the "Crap Sandwich" With a Thick Cut of Pork

What do you do if you can't pass a stinker of a bill opposed by the vast majority of Americans? No, you don't try and fix it; you just dress it up with some pork-barrel spending designed to appear to individual lawmakers who voted against it initially. Among the brazen "tax dollars for votes" schemes are excise tax exemptions for wooden arrows and tax breaks for beneficiaries of the Exxon Valdez settlement.

Unsurprisingly, nobody is talking about how much these provisions will cost or how they will be paid for. I'm hopeful that these issues will cause even more "no" votes than before and send this thing packing for good. Sounds like we need to do the same for some of our members of Congress.

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  1. Reach Upward says:

    Senators and congressional reps that would switch from voting no to voting yes on this bill due to added pork aimed at currying political favor are among the lowest filth known to humanity.

    I notice that they also threw in a number of tax provisions favored by conservatives. That presents the dilemma for (supposedly) conservative members of Congress of whether adding sugar to a cess pool makes it drinkable.

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