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Sennheiser: Great Product, Even Better Service

A number of years ago, Shauna bought me what are arguably some of the finest headphones you’ll ever slap on your noggin. Prior to that, I hadn’t even heard of Sennheiser, but it didn’t take long for me to become … Continue reading

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Why and How to De-Google Your Blog

As part of the blog clean-up, I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up plugins and figuring out what I really want my little corner of the Interwebs to do. My mission with bringing blogging back is to own … Continue reading

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A fresh coat of paint

It was way overdue, but the blog has gotten a few facelifts and important changes to be aware of. First off, yes, that’s a brand new theme. The old one was not only quite stale, but it was starting to … Continue reading

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Replace Google Reader (and own your data too!)

In my search for a Google Reader replacement, I’ve decided that letting someone else be in charge is not really an option. Who’s to say that whatever I pick won’t alter the terms of the arrangement or disappear at a … Continue reading

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Google has declared war on the open Internet

I’ve been a self-described Google whore for a long time now. I started using the search engine not long after it first went public (and displaced then-giants like Yahoo and AltaVista), I got in on the Gmail beta way back … Continue reading

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SimCity, New Releases, and the Value Proposition

A little game by the name of SimCity was released last week after a decade since the last release (or, in Internet terms, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth). I’ve personally been pretty excited about it, but I don’t really like … Continue reading

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