Over the years, I’ve worked on a number of projects in journalism, online media, and advocacy.

Active Projects


Started in 2006 to rescind state restrictions on the multi-city UTOPIA municipal fiber optic network, it later expanded to cover all things broadband in Utah while maintaining a focus on promoting and reporting on municipally owned systems including iProvo, AFCNet, and SFCN. Briefly included a podcast with interviews from service providers on the UTOPIA network.

Utah Politico Hub

Founded in 2012 as a group blog on politics featuring Utah authors. Topics are usually Utah-related, but there’s also posts on national politics. I serve as a contributing editor and handle all of the tech aspect of keeping the site running.

Color Country Politics

After the 2018 election, Iron County Commission Candidate Jennie Hendricks and I sat down and brainstormed ways to improve the state of political information in our local elections. With an ailing local media providing only the most threadbare of coverage and debates that functioned as sound bite competitions, we both knew something more substantive had to be available to keep people informed. The podcast features political and community leaders from around Iron County discussing local issues and elections.

Cedar Fiber

A site coordinating efforts to build a municipally-owner fiber optic network in Cedar City. Working with community leaders, city council members, service providers, and network builders/operators to drive this effort.

Inactive Projects

White City Telecommunications Cooperative

Created to gauge interest in building a user-owned fiber optic network in White City Township, Utah. Disbanded when I moved away and nobody was interested in assuming control of the effort.

Various Startup Weekend Projects

I’ve worked in multiple roles on Startup Weekend Projects including Swapcrops, Nom Nom Finder, ReferMe, and Free Birthday Food.


I’ve served as a precinct chair and vice-chair in the Salt Lake County Republican Party, and as a precinct secretary and county delegate in the Iron County Republican Party. I’ve also served in various church assignments including scouts and financial clerk.