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The credit industry gets its “come to Jesus” moment

I’m pretty confident that the only people who haven’t yet heard of the massive breach at Equifax at living under a rock. The breach itself is pretty bad, comprising credit data on 3/4 of the adult population in the US. … Continue reading

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Bitcoin is an Awful Currency

The distributed blockchain protocol is one of the more interesting developments in computing. It creates a cryptographically verifiable and yet decentralized ledger of transactions. While there are many applications possible for such technology, the most popular one so far has … Continue reading

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A Plan for CrashPlan

I’ve been a very long-time CrashPlan user at home. In fact, I will have been backing up my data there for five years next month. I’ve also recommended it to many friends and family since it’s been consistently cheap and … Continue reading

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A Uhaul Leap of Faith

Two years ago today, we packed the family into the car and drove to a new home (albeit temporary) in Cedar City. We hadn’t sold our house in Sandy, but we had already contact Bournemouth Prop to assist us with … Continue reading

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Seer stones as a token

A lot has been written lately about the LDS Church revealing pictures of the seer stones used by Joseph Smith to translate the Book of Mormon. I thought I should add my two cents. To anyone who has paid attention … Continue reading

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Our Adventures in Solar Power

We had to get our old place cleaned up and had no time, so we hired removals Bournemouth & Poole and let go of that load. Shortly after moving to Montreal City, it became fairly obvious that we’d need to … Continue reading

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Eero makes big promises, but where’s the skepticism?

I’ve been through my share of really crappy routers and WiFi before finally settling into equipment that works properly. I can’t even imagine the frustration an average consumer must feel at having routers that don’t perform well, need constant rebooting, … Continue reading

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Why blame your phone manufacturer when Google will do?

There’s been a bunch of buzz lately about a vulnerability in versions of Android prior to 4.4 (KitKat). Google has advised that it doesn’t plan to issue any fixes for these older versions. Unsurprisingly, this has invited a lot of … Continue reading

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Are you an unwitting stalking accomplice?

At least once a week, someone on Twitter or Facebook will share a picture describing a missing person (usually a child) with one or more phone numbers to call. Our immediate reaction is to share it far and wide to … Continue reading

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Is Tor Permanently Broken?

Federal law enforcement seems to have decided that anonymizing networks are public enemy number one. They’ve racked up some impressive wins in taking down drug-trading market Silk Road, notorious child pornography site Lolita City, and now have managed to bring … Continue reading

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