Believe it or not, most of these questions are ones we get asked pretty frequently. I thought I'd take a moment to clear them all up in one fell swoop.

What are you using to blog with?

We use WordPress, and we like it. It has a lot of really great themes, tons of cool plugins and it's free.

Where can I get WordPress?

If you have your own server, you can download it from WordPress.org for free. If you don't have you own server, you can sign up for a WordPress blog over at WordPress.com. Don't worry; it's free too.

I made a comment and I don't see it anymore! What gives?

If your comment doesn't appear immediately, it was likely flagged as potentially being spam by Spam Karma 2. We check the spam queue about every other day to make sure this doesn't happen. (So far, it hasn't.) That in mind, we do reserve the right to censor or remove offensive, slanderous or otherwise distasteful comments at our discretion. This is our playground, so we get to make up the arbitrary rules.

I can't get to your page from some computers. It shows me an error that says I'm not authorized.

We're using the Bad Behavior plugin to try and stop some of the spammers and e-mail harvesters from getting to the site to cause problems. Sometimes, you can be mis-identified as a source of this scourge. If you're using some kind of anonymizing or security software like Norton Internet Security, make sure our site is listed as safe or trusted. If you get a blank page instead of an error, that means the http:BL plugin found your IP address in the Project Honeypot database. This database keeps track of IP addresses used to send spam and harvest e-mail addresses.

What's the deal with the copyright notice?

The basic gist of it is I don't care if you borrow pictures or text from our website so long as 1) you give us credit including a link back to the source material and 2) don't try and make a profit from it. If you'd like to be able to use our content outside of that, you'll need to obtain our permission first. If you try doing it without asking and don't take it down when asked, I'll be a jerk about it and send your ISP/hosting company a DMCA take-down notice that could lead to an account suspension. Try to avoid that, eh?

Do you sell advertising on your website?

That's currently under evaluation. If you want to place an ad, make us an offer and we'll think about it.