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Is Tor Permanently Broken?

Federal law enforcement seems to have decided that anonymizing networks are public enemy number one. They’ve racked up some impressive wins in taking down drug-trading market Silk Road, notorious child pornography site Lolita City, and now have managed to bring … Continue reading

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Live in a Glass House

Everything I post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is set to be visible to the public. A lot of people would call me nuts for doing this and wonder why I don’t do a “better” job at managing my privacy. … Continue reading

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Privacy, Noise Control, and Facebook’s Inability to Understand Either

I’m a fairly “public” person. I post a lot of things in the public view on teh Interwebs and harbor little expectation of privacy when I do so. I’m also a bit selective as to what I share as a … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Facebook, Security, and Privacy

There’s been quite a firestorm about Facebook and its issues with protecting user privacy. In particular, Facebook has been changing their Terms of Service (ToS) to just about let them do anything with any and all data you provide. I … Continue reading

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