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Building a Better Social Network

One of the biggest limitations of using a blog to own your own content is that you more-or-less give up controlling access to your content. Everything is out in the open by default. The workarounds are to either secure individual … Continue reading

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Why and How to De-Google Your Blog

As part of the blog clean-up, I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up plugins and figuring out what I really want my little corner of the Interwebs to do. My mission with bringing blogging back is to own … Continue reading

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No, Mike, you’re wrong. You shouldn’t blog exclusively on Google+.

Mike Elgan has written a post on Google+ that the vast majority of bloggers should abandon their standalone blogs and post exclusively on Google_ instead. His argument is centered around the idea that blog comments suck. Given that many people … Continue reading

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Own Your Content (Or, Start Using Your Blog Again)

Any time Facebook proposes some kind of change to their terms of service, the user base gets whipped into an uproarious frenzy. “How dare they!” a million angry commenters rage, doing a copy/paste of some boilerplate “I still own my … Continue reading

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Live in a Glass House

Everything I post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is set to be visible to the public. A lot of people would call me nuts for doing this and wonder why I don’t do a “better” job at managing my privacy. … Continue reading

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Why Social Score Sites Like Empire Avenue Matter

When I first noticed Empire Avenue, I derisively dismissed it as “Farmville for the Twitter crowd”. It sounded like just another game designed to waste hours of time to meaninglessly raise arbitrary numbers. I had already witnessed (and experienced) the … Continue reading

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Selling Out

You may have noticed a few extra boxes over on the right for Sponsored Links and an offer to buy advertising. It's true: a year after we thought about it, we're sellouts. Don't worry: I don't feel any particular obligation … Continue reading

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Upgrading to WordPress 2.5 and Switching E-mail Services

I'm ashamed to admit that our website is powered by really ancient software. WordPress 2.1.3 was released way back when we did our server move about a year ago and it has kept our site chugging along ever since. Recently, … Continue reading

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A Special Thanks to The Sutherland Institute

I want to extend a special thank you to Lyall Swim and The Sutherland Institute for hosting a blogger's breakfast this week. It's a rare thing indeed to get access to well-known pundits and higher-up elected officials and the conversation … Continue reading

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Utah Blogosphere Hall of Shame: Open the Comments!

What separates blogs from passive content is the ability to comment and counter-comment on any written article. These comments often serve to illuminate the reader and allow him or her to add to the discussion, providing clarification, counter-points and all … Continue reading

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