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The “Holy War” is an Unholy Mess

As someone who’s not really into sports (beyond wanting the Cubs to win and the Yankees to lose), rivalries are more-or-less lost on me. Even though my parents are on opposite sides of the Alabama-Auburn one, I never really caught … Continue reading

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Leave your comfort zone and amazing things can happen

For almost seven years now, I’ve been blogging about broadband over at Free UTOPIA. It was born out of a sense of frustration that phone and cable companies both suck, and neither of them is going to do something about … Continue reading

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Moving Out

As of today, all of my politics posts will be contained neatly in the corner and no longer clutter up the main blog. If you want to follow them, head on over to Opinionated @ CFE to get your fix. … Continue reading

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Misdirected Outrage on Main Street Plaza

It’s very easy to get outraged at improper uses of power and force and rightly so. Such abuses are antithetical to American ideals be they used by public or private security forces. Sometimes, however, the accusers decide to inflate their … Continue reading

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Not All That Glitters is Golden

Shauna and I are spending the next two weeks in sunny California not an hour’s drive from ground zero of what will likely be the biggest financial mess in any state’s history. Plenty of talking heads are pontificating about exactly … Continue reading

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Prop 8 is Settled, Likely For Decades

California’s Supreme Court today ruled on several lawsuits filed after Californians voted for a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a man and a woman. Unsurprisingly, they ruled that the initiative constituted an addition rather than a change to the … Continue reading

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Jason Chaffetz, False Outrage, and Straw Men

There’s a lot of outrage being circulated in the Bloghive about Jason Chaffetz and his desire to overrule Washington, DC in their decision to recognize same-sex marriages from other states. A lot of this outrage is centered on calling him … Continue reading

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Of Tea Bags and Temper Tantrums: An Open Letter to Today's Tea Party Protestors

Dear Teabaggers, You’re new here, aren’t you? I mean to the whole protesting thing. And the small government thing. Let’s have a talk before you embarrass yourselves any further.

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Utah Democratic Party Perpetuates Clinton Surplus Myths

The Utah Democratic Party seems to be about as truth challenged as the mis-guided and hypocritical “teabaggers” throwing hissy fits parties today. (Seriously, where were you guys when Bush racked up trillions in deficits? Worshiping at the shrine of fellow … Continue reading

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An Experience with a Private Park

As part of our trip to Sacramento, Shauna and I took a one-night getaway to Monterey for our anniversary. As part of that, we did 17 Mile Drive, a scenic trip down the coast that takes you through beaches, cliffs, … Continue reading

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