How I deal with my husband leaving town…

Pitiful Shauna

Not very well at all, actually. Last time he left on business I pretty much lived in my pajamas (when not at work) and watched TV all the time. Didn't eat… didn't clean up… it was bad. This time, I intend to do a little better. I've invited Kristy to come stay with me for the next 3 days to distract me from the fact that my husband's not here. Hopefully I can even resemble a human being by the time Jesse gets back Wednesday night instead of a depressed couch potato like last time.

And do you know WHY I like to keep him around? Last night when we were making the burgers, he came in the kitchen to help me. We were both really tired, but hunger is a powerful motivator. So I'm beginning to tell him what I'd like him to do to help with dinner. 

Me: "I am the Burger Master. And YOU…."

Him: "I am the Bun Keeper?"

I love him.

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5 Responses

  1. Whitey says:

    This little ditty helps me whenever Kim and I are apart.

  2. Shauna says:

    You’re right. That *did* help. Thanks, Swift.

  3. The Other Shauna says:

    Me: “I am the Burger Master. And YOU….”

    Him: “I am the Bun Keeper?”

    That’s *awesome*.

  4. Kristy says:

    At first I was worried she was going to make me the interim bun keeper. Fortunately, she made me sleep downstairs.

  5. Notaturkeybone says:

    Next time someone asks you if you are a pickle… you say YES!

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