Yes, I blew up the website.

We had about an hour or so of downtime this morning as I made a small mistake when changing some server configuration. It's all fixed now.

It all started because in the last 5 days, we've gotten well over 100 new spam comments. Not wanting to have to verify that there aren't good comments in there, we end up scanning through them all to make sure they're all junk. I decided to start blocking some of the worst offenders so that we don't have to deal with that.

Of course, that works out pretty well if you haven't removed something that the web server depends on and then try to restart it. I had to reinstall that missing chunk before I could get things moving again. If you see any weirdness (like missing pictures, for one), let me know. 

Update: I'll be posting Day 3 of the travel log tonight. 

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