Apple Proves It's Still Got It

I have to admit, I was beginning to have my doubts about Apple's innovative qualities. The iPod hadn't seen a major revision in many quarters, Intel-based Macs weren't making as much noise as one would have thought, and iTV was lost in a wave of other media PCs. And then they basically released the coolest phone on earth, something that had been rumored for over a year and a half now.

First off, there's no buttons. Yes, it's buttonless. Everything works via the touchscreen, meaning you have a LOT of widescreen real estate to work with. It's also going to play anything you download from iTunes, music or video. Built-in WiFi? Check. Portrait and landscape modes? Check. Bluetooth? Check. Best of all, it's probably going to run any OSX applications you have. This is pretty much the phone that gadget geeks have been waiting so long for.

Do I want one? Yes. Do I want to pay $600 for it? Alas, no, especially since the main features are only going to be tapped if you use Cingular (though T-Mobile will be compatible as well). If anyone is wondering what to buy me for Christmas next year, there's a start.

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8 Responses

  1. Bobbie says:

    I LOVE IT! I’m trying not to want one too bad.

  2. Bjeremy says:

    WOW!! That phone is awesome. Ive heard many rumors and even some photos of what it might look like, but this blows them all away.

  3. Kipluck says:

    I am seriously LUSTING that phone. I don’t even have an iPod, but I REALLY want an iPhone. Not that I can spend that much on it, like, ever. But still… SO COOL. I was almost HOPING it would be all hype. But it really IS that cool. And I want one.


  4. Sherpa says:

    I’m going to wait a couple of years before I even consider it(I did the same with an ipod), but yeah its pretty cool.

  5. Vanessa says:

    I can’t wait for the phone to debut. I’ve been considering switching cell providers and I must admit that this is making me look at Cingular a little closer.
    Also, heres a pretty nifty mockup someone made of the iPhone

  6. Jason says:

    Now that it’s out, has your interest changed, Jesse?

  7. Jesse says:

    Well… kind of. The pricing seriously puts me off and AT&T has some very restrictive terms for this sucker. It’s highly durable (most tests can’t scratch or dent the thing even when really trying) and the third-party app market is jumping all over it like white on rice. The EDGE network is REALLY slow for data and AT&T hasn’t properly integrated all of their WiFi hotspot options for the launch.

    If it were around $300, it would probably be worth it, especially if AT&T were giving concessions on pricing in exchange for that 2-year contract. As it stands now, I’m still focused on the cheaper (and almost as capable) Motorola Q.

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