Moving Delays

Server migration. The words strike fear of the unknown in the hearts of the non-technical and fear of the known into the hearts of geeks like me. So far, I've only moved mail services and one of the websites to the new server (which, by the way, totally rocks). Moving this site, our main blog, is a lot more terrifying.

I've already done a bunch of testing as to how exactly to move a website to WordPress 2.1 (Lorelle's guide is invaluable) and it's very VERY important to follow the directions as exactly as possible. It's also important to test plugins and themes long before you move to the new version. Our old theme was hopelessly broken in WP 2.1, though we did find a new one we both like that even supports widgets. I also discovered that EditorMonkey, by far the best implementation of FCKEditor and TinyMCE, still mostly works despite the plugin author claiming to the contrary.

So what's holding up the show? Waiting on an updated version of ANIga Gallery, the plugin that powers our photo albums. I've been pleased as punch with how it works, especially since anyone can leave comments on the pictures and it tracks popularity. The integration is also top-notch. The plugin author has said he should have an updated version this Friday, so we might make the move next weekend. (What? You think I'm going to be paranoid up to now and then forgo further testing?)

I'm also going to start a little side project with all of these newly-available resources. One of the biggest frustrations of finding a place to go out to eat is a big lack of information about all of the little places in your neighborhood. You also keep forgetting to go try out "that one place on the way home from work" because you only think about it while driving by. Why not start up a site dedicating to collecting a bunch of information on local restaurants so that it's a lot easier to find new grub? I'm still kind of sketching it out in my head, but I think I can have something semi-viable (and Craigslist bare-bones) within a few months.

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