Jerry Springer on Our Block

There's sometimes a reason that Shauna calls our township "White Trash City". This morning, we both woke up to the sounds of yelling outside the house. I wasn't very amused given that it was 3:45AM, so I popped my head out the front door to ask them to pipe down. Once I heard the swearing and challenging to a fight, I decided it might be better to go back inside and let the sheriff handle this one.

Despite not getting up until 10:30AM (one of the few benefits of 1PM church), I was still pretty tired. 

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2 Responses

  1. jeremy says:

    Where was Steve!

  2. Notaturkeybone says:

    One afternoon we were treated to a Springer show by our across-the-street-neighbors. A woman screaming at her husband(?) in the middle of the driveway, “…AND SHE WAS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD! YOU MAKE ME SICK!”

    Then, later that month at the same house, a guy was pounding on the door, hollering, “Is my daughter in there?! Send her out! She’s only 17 years old!”

    Seems like whoever is over there is not carding his dates very carefully.

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